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Are you seeking to optimize your fleet costs, to outsource some of your transport services while maintaining the benefits of flexibility, or simply to benefit on a continuous basis from the advantages of having a chauffeured car?

We offer flexible and customized solutions that ensure continuous high-quality service year-round.

• You choose your vehicle make, model, engine and options.
• Your driver will be carefully selected according to your criteria.
• You determine the duration of your contract, the number of adjustable monthly hours and miles.


images13.jpgOptimize your time

You will be freed of all driving-related constraints: traffic, parking, maintenance and personnel management. No longer will you need to bother with vehicle purchase and maintenance, or with the management of driving crews. Our chauffeurs will be your trusted men, those of your employees or of your guests.

location véhicule avec chauffeur ParisYour Chauffeur

Chauffeur recruitment is done according to well-defined criteria. Candidates undergo a driving test and an assessment of their knowledge of road networks in Paris and the Ile-de-France region. Our drivers are certified “VTC chauffeured tourist vehicle” cardholders, as well as holders of a French certificate for prevention and rescue  (level 1) provided by the French Red Cross.



• You control your travel budget thanks to a predefined monthly billing amount.

• You avail yourself completely from payroll contributions related to driving staff and from having to replace personnel in the event of vacation or illness.

• Work schedules are perfectly tailored to the needs and timetables of top executives thanks to collective agreements on passenger carriers. This allows us flexibility of personnel use.

• You are no longer subject to taxes on tourist vehicles and corporate vehicles, nor to the business tax on the immobilization of company-related vehicles (instead, the vehicle is registered to Drivers&Services).

• Fleet insurance covers unlimited liability for the passengers (in compliance with French Decree of 18 April 1966, concerning the conditions of the practice of contractor delivery and tourism).

• Naturally, this service includes the purchase, maintenance, and replacement of your vehicle in case of breakdown.

• You can enjoy the use of your vehicle personally during your holidays, weekends, and evenings.


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